''The past is a mysterious thing; but then again so is the future. It is what we do in the present, as so to understand both that matters. Truly, sentients whom chose to ignore the past, consequently chose to stagger blindly into the future. Lets just say I for one have excellent eyesight''―The Palaeontologist

An Introduction to PrehistoryEdit

Moon formation

The creation of 'New Earth', as 'Old Earth', then 'only' 200 Million Years Old, and Theia (another planet) collide, 4.4 Billion Years Ago...

Prehistory, is the vague reference to all of Earth's time, before human beings became distinctly civilised, around 10,000-5,000 years ago. What we know of as History, is a very small length of time indeed, when compared with Prehistory. Prehistoric Earth, began roughly 4,567,000,000 years ago (or more easily, 4.567 Billion Years Ago) Prehistory as an entity and simplification of the millions of years that it stands for, should well be recognised as holding the most importance for all modern day organisms, and as a crucial basis for us humans to be able to understand ourselves. This is an undervalued mantra, seeing as many peoples ideas and imaginations of Prehistory, involve pretty much only whatever they have been fed by the media, which clearly distorts the truths. Most people can barely think of several Dinosaur species names (and even then incompletely and/or incorrectly) if asked, 'What do you know about Prehistory and can you remember any familiar names?' Tyrannosaurus rex, Pterodactylus (usually remembered without the 'us' at the end) and the Neanderthals are likely the most people can remember. However, Prehistory encompasses much, much more than just those few of many. The Dinosaurs lived for over 175 million years, yet this is 'merely' around 4.6% of a total 100% of all Earth history (4.567 Billion Years); both Prehistory and the almost inconsequencial History combined. Prehistory is a fascinating time, that has changed so many times that we could barely imagine it; from snowball Earth in the Cryogenian Period over 670 million years ago, to the Desert lands of Pangaea in the Permian Period 250 million years ago, to the Lush green time of the Late Jurassic Period, 150 million years ago, to the Waterworld of the Devonian 360 million years ago, to the 'global volcano' and fire world of the Hadean Eon, stretching back to the beginning 4.6 Billion Years Ago, to the swamp forsets of the coal productive Carboniferous Period some 300 million years ago, to the deafeningly quiet age of the Stromatalite colonies, in the Palaeoproterozoic Era, 2 Billion Years Ago, to the Late Cretaceous of 65 million Years Ago, as the meteorite impacts into Earth, thought to have led to the Dinosaurs becoming extinct - and then to us, 30,000 years ago in the Last great Ice Age, living alongside the declining Homo Neanderthalensis species. PREHISTORY - we should not live, and literally cannot live without it!