This is the ‘recovery’ period, in which the Earth healed the immense damage caused by the meteorite impact. This period is actually part of the Third Era, the same Era in which the so-called Age of Mammals began (and continues to this day) though the 10 million year period of the Palaeocene, was actually a very mysterious time. The first pioneers of the ‘recovery’ period, rose from the ashes of the K-T Extinction (K=Kreta, which refers to the chalk which gives the Cretaceous its name, + T=Tertiary, referring to the group of periods after the Cretaceous) Amongst these survivors, were the Mammals. However, they would be subjugated for the entire Period – and the first ten million years of the Eocene Period that follows this period – by the descendants of the Dinosaurs, the infamous ‘Terror-Birds’. The snakes evolved into large-sized mammal hunters, and some were as large, or larger than even the largest of Present Day Snakes. As for the plants, Ferns enjoyed a brief Period of dominance, as they were good at growing back quickly after destruction. Trees and flowering plants would follow, ending this.







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